Roadworthy Certificate For A Vehicle As Issued By A Licensed Vehicle Tester

A roadworthy certificate which is available in Kew area is required when a vehicle is sold, when a used vehicle is to be re-registered or in some cases to clear a vehicle defect. It can only be issued by a licensed vehicle tester. Brand new vehicles and some vehicles which were not designed primarily for carrying passengers or goods on a highway and considered to be a specially constructed vehicle are exempt from requiring a roadworthy certificate.

Roadworthy Certificate Kew

A roadworthy investigation is made to check if a vehicle can be guaranteed that it is not weakened and is fine for utilisation. During the investigation checks are made on the wheels and tyres, directing, suspension and slowing mechanisms, seats and seat sash, lights and reflectors, windscreen and windows including the wipers and washers, structure of the vehicle itself and other security related things on the body, suspension or motor.

When the vehicle passes the full inspection then the roadworthy certificate can be issued from a nominated garage or service station. Currently the certificate required for purpose of registering or transferring a vehicle is the one that has been issued not more than 30 days prior to any application made for registration or transfer.

The cost of the investigation performed depends on the age, type and condition of the vehicle and it is always better to ask for a quote from a licensed vehicle tester. If the vehicle fails the test then seven days time is given for repairing the vehicle and it is then inspected again. Thus we see that roadworthy inspection is a way to guarantee that a vehicle will work well and can only be issued by an authority after vehicle inspection has been done and everything is in proper order. For more information on roadworthy certificate in Kew area visit company DPM Auto Service Centre.


Why Is Car Service Essential For Car Maintenance?

Car Service Hawthorn

When it comes to cars, servicing them is an important step which is required to keep them running and performing well. Car service can be provided by an auto car service centre where the technicians and experts examine the car and its components, repair any damage parts and clean the car. There are some nice benefits of car service when it is performed at regular intervals:

  • To keep the car in top working condition

If all the parts of a car are working properly and it is in a well maintained condition then it will perform well and last for a longer duration.

  • To increase the market value of a car

As after service a car will be in a good working condition so it will have a good market value and if such a car is sold then more profits can be earned from it.

  • Improving a car’s aesthetic appeal

A car which has been serviced has been cleaned properly and this helps in improving the appearance of the car and it looks attractive while driving. Such a car never fails to impress others and is an asset to the owner.

  • Keeping the car neat

A car which has been cleaned neat and tidy is good for the health of the owner as it will be free from diseases causing agents and will be a good experience to drive.

  • Improving owner self confidence

If a car is well maintained then the owner of the car will feel content and confident while driving it and the image of the owner will improve.

Hence, car service is an important activity which helps in improving the condition of a car and makes it last longer, providing good value for the money invested in car service. For more information on car service in Hawthorn area please visit DPM Service Centre

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Car Service Hawthorn

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